Alar is built on top of the Kannada-English dictionary corpus created by Sri. V. Krishna. It contains over 150,000 Kannada word entries with over 240,000 English definitions. It is released as an open-data corpus licensed under the Open Database License (ODC-ODbL).

Sri. V. Krishna

Sri. V. Krishna started building his Kannada-English dictionary in the 1980s as a hobby project. This incredible endeavour spanning four decades has evolved into an invaluable contribution to Kannada language. In addition to authoring the colossal dictionary, he single-handedly digitised his original paper manuscripts.

By open sourcing his life's work, Sri. V. Krishna has donated an invaluable resource to posterity. A unique feat in itself.

He is a resident of Bengaluru and spends his time working on his dictionary and other Kannada literature projects. He has recently started laying the foundations for a new English-Kannada dictionary. He can be reached at vkrishna1411@yahoo.co.in.

Kannada Ganaka Parishat (KaGaPa), has played a pivotal role in promoting digital Kannada, and has supported Sri. V. Krishna in his endeavours.


In 2019, Zerodha collaborated with Sri. V. Krishna to bring his dictionary online and awarded him an academic grant to support his continued work.

The website

This website is powered by dictmaker, and uses knphone, a Kannada phonetic indexing algorithm for search. Any technical feedback, please e-mail kailash@nadh.in.