1. ಅಂಕಪರದೆ

    ♪ aŋka parade
    1. the curtain used to pull down at the end of a scene or act, in a play.
    2. (fig.) the end of or an action bringing an end to, an event or an occasion;
    3. ಅಂಕಪರದೆಯೇಳು aŋkaparadeyēḷu (the performance of a dramatic act) to start (as on the stage).
    4. (fig.) (a new phase of action, style, etc.) to commence; ಅಂಕಪರದೆಬೀಳು aŋkaparade bīḷu to come to an end; 2. to cause to end.
  2. ಅಂಕುಪರದೆ

    ♪ aŋkuparade
    1. a screen used on a stage.